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Spent the whole week in bed , watching ASMR videos , feeling happier than ever.

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ASMR includes creepy whispering, weird hand movements and boringly repetitive videos.

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Full Cast & Crew

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Autonomous sensory meridian response is the official name of the craze that has taken over YouTube and pre-pubescent girls.

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The purpose of ASMR is I don't see why people like this stuff. Viewer:Why is it so quite to relax you, but in reality it makes you x more anxious.


  1. Monica, une de mes bresiliennes preferees, elle est vraiment trop bandante avec ses tatoos et ses marques de bronzage.,

  2. Nice breakdown lmao. Someone sounds a little insecure that their stroke game isnt up to par.

  3. did the other couples take some valium, they don't seem interested