RIM4K. Young man is happy to see woman in lingerie and asks for rimming

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Queen's Pussy = My King's Toy 2 weeks ago
My Husband King Pussy Eater Loves eating his Queens Pussy (mine) oral is sometimes all we do because my pleasure is what it's all about to him and the same way for me we cannot get off if we don't take care of each other and for me it drives the King crazy when I eat his ass just as much as him eating me yum-yum! You go Queens eat your King also Real men eat Pussy and real women will eat the Kings ass and also bite your Dick Toy try it your straight King will love. # only been with each other
Hogie 4 weeks ago
Imagine he's getting paid to have her eat his ass, 6.03 sums it up for me, what a dirty slut.
Captain 8 months ago
Imagine her finger nail paint just comes off in his ass
Gay Trump! 1 year ago
This feels great. Men need to get over their insecurities and allow a Gay guy to eat out their. asses. Most women will never do it, period. Let a guy rim you and suck you off. You wouldn't be watching this if you were not "half a Homo" anyway. Just be brave and do it.
Jose 2 years ago
Me gusta que me mamen el c***
Fermín 1 year ago
Una morrita que contrato para servisio da unos besos negros muy ricos, te deja un monton de saliva esa morrita tiene 21 años
Ponce 1 year ago
Me gusta me mamen el culo y me metan el dedo
Anonimo 2 months ago
Lo máximo tu mujer te lama el culo
Cuba 3 weeks ago
Me encanta q me lo agan
Baby 1 month ago
Is gay man wow es gay este hombre le gusta eso guacala