Hidden cam catches husband fucking the babysitter

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Richie 1 year ago
Seems to be a hidden camera but that's the wife not the babysitter, like the way he cums in about a minute and she's pleased it's over.
Wow. 1 year ago
Imagine sticking your cock in a woman and you get zero facial response. Sad. Guy literally fucks like he is a senior. Poor chick has to deal with a guy who looks like he smells like soup and spends half the day on twitter tweeting far left wing shit.
Nah 1 year ago
Feel bad for her. There's no after care at all. No kisses, cuddles. Doesn't even get the towel and clean her up, never mind he came to quick and didnt pleasure her. As a women I'd seriously consider leaving him cause its obvious this is their regular sex life
johnny 1 year ago
that dick does absolutely nothing for her. He can't please her and she's happy it's over
1 year ago
That’s not a nice thing to call your wife
HAHAHA 1 year ago
Well, you know that's not the maid. Clean your house.
Pleaser 1 year ago
Only 2 min tf
keifer55 1 year ago
whoever writes these titles is a fkn IDIOT.
LasyDx 1 year ago
And he gets angry when she fucks another man…
Amanda, 34 FL. 1 year ago
Surprised that a woman actually married this complete douche bag and had a need for a babysitter. This guy looks like a total sleaze bag. His wife must be depressed and standing at the top of a bridge right now.