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Lol 4 years ago
Waiting for the "this is rape comment"
John Ray 6 years ago
If she gets pregnant she is going to have one strange looking baby.
Dawn 4 years ago
All that carrying on just because he forgot the condom. Shame on you Bill Clinton.
Jake 4 years ago
The lip licking by her is such a turnoff and I'm sorry but this is just a complete and utter joke
Wtf 3 years ago
What the fuck have i just seen
WiLD CHiLD 3 years ago
The 60s-70s were crazy.
asdfadfad 7 years ago
The Immortal tales
Old But Gold 2 years ago
When You Think You've Seen It all
1 year ago
Not my proudest tug
joe 7 years ago
Name of movie?