Small bitch takes big cocks

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Ass Dan 8 years ago
Went to pay my midget hooker, but came up a little short.
hornysmurf 11 years ago
In my shirt 68 years I have fucked every shape, size, and ancestry of women you can think of; but, I have never fucked a midget. I sure would like to.
Daniel 7 years ago
Do not watch the end... You will be scarred
Omg yes 5 years ago
When that big ass throbbing Darth Vader helmet dick head got in it bloomed into a giant throbbing mushroom. And I can't describe with words how good a horse size throbbing dick head looks in a midgets bald white pussy
hmmm 13 years ago
don't know wtf is wrong with me, but i'd hit this little bitch any day. Portible thing, you can keep her anywhere...
Omg porn 10 years ago
Seems more people are interested in the song than the chick. Queers
BIG COCK 8 years ago
uuuu 9 years ago
this is adorable.
why her 4 years ago
booty hole look dirty
loser 7 years ago
Wish she was an inch smaller