Young Iowa Lesbians

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5 years ago
Might be weird but I enjoy eating ass more than pussy. Maybe because it's more taboo but it just seems so much hotter to me
Michelle 4 years ago
I love this video!! My girlfriend & I spend hours every day licking each other's pussies & asses just like this. We rub each other's pussies when we're watching this. It never gets old!!
Rimmet 4 years ago
Would love to put my tongue in both those assholes
yum-B 8 years ago
Thhis might be my most favorite lesbian "rim" video ever
Anna 4 years ago
Those two are more than actors, they are Lesbians.
spot on 4 years ago
There's ass and there's "eatin ass". Both of these ladies have asses made to be eatin.
hemorrhoid cream 8 years ago
I know a bitch from iowa and she takes it in the butt there is some crazy ass bitches from iowa
2 years ago
My wife ask me other day to eat her ass out she heard it from couple of her co workers were talking about and was curious about I said sure I’ll try it and she loves it
2 years ago
Girls just taste so good don't they?
4 years ago
Totally beautiful. Those perfect little asses demand worship.