Marsha May in Step Daddy fucking his Daughter while she ds to s.

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Dirty Diana 4 years ago
I love pretending to be asleep while men fuck me and cum in me
Snapchat Bbw_milf82 3 years ago
I always pretended to be asleep when daddy came into my room at night...he would wrap his big arms around me and cuddle so close. It wasn’t long before I felt him hot and hard against me little bottom. He’d slowly start grinding his hips and I knew he needed me to help relieve some stress
3 years ago
I remember when my step dad would fuck me when I was little. I wish I could have one of those days back, makes my pussy so wet thinking about it
Marry May 4 years ago
I want to get fucked like this
4 years ago
Yes daddy fuck me
Dee 4 years ago
Love sneaky daddies, grandpas and bros.
krissbell 3 years ago
i love when a man is fucking me and cums on me
1 year ago
I remember when my daddy used to come into my room at night to hold me until I fell asleep. I would prete to be asleep and one night I felt him reach down and start to play with me. He slid his hard D right between my lips and it was the first and only time I could cum so hard
Anonymous 9 months ago
I absolutely love this. I would always go to bed with my step daddy humping onto him to help me get to słéep. I would feel him start kissing and fingering my tiny bald cunt just like I wanted. It felt so fucking good I never wanted him to stop. Eventually he began slipping his dick inside grunting into my ear how perfect I am. He’s explain how my eggs needed daddy’s fertilizer. Sometimes I’d grip onto mommy just to let her know how good daddy feels inside his tiny womb. I still sleep in their
Baarbiedooll 2 years ago
Oh, I wish that was me! I love when they fuck me when Im sleepy! Makes me so horny! Have asked my man to do it but he never does.. I miss it so damned much!! Gaaaah!