Queen Latifah and Tika Sumpter Bessie 2015

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ClevertymeZ 4 years ago
I thought her titties would be bigger.
BigMan30 3 years ago
That has to be a camera trick the queen is built different than that
4 years ago
I'd still let her ride me
Eew 3 years ago
The thumbnail killed my boner
ta jodio 4 years ago
lmfao queen latifa fucking on the nuclear level. hahhahahhhahahahaa
Come on 3 years ago
I wanted to see tika not queen latifha
Haircut5 2 years ago
“What the fuck is yo name?!?!?” Lmaooooo
3 years ago
I love being a lesbian and I love lesbians
3 years ago
Queen Latifah titties pretty asf
Phatpwussy 2 years ago
That's Mike Epps