Bizarre rabbit metamorphosis in 4K quality

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Dudeman 4 years ago
I felt instant guilt after my nut
Oh my fuking god 4 years ago
The guys or gals who asked if this is real are fking idiots. It literally displayed a warning on the first 2 sec that this is performed by actors. So my question is can you read? What you lose the ability to read when horny?
I post this cause i am so sick of people asking stupid questions.
Holy shit 3 years ago
What is wrong with me
Lol 4 years ago
What the hell...
4 years ago
kill me please
bruh moment 3 years ago
this is genuinely a shameful nut considering that people are very much being kept and treated like this in real life :/
Neef 4 years ago
I think He isnt normal
Lil Euro 4 years ago
Someone needs to clean the barn lol
Bru 3 years ago
Thats a dirty rabbit
King Assphalt 3 years ago
And I thought I was going to hell for snorting a little of the devil’s dandruff....