Compilation of the Best Bloopers from Pegas Productions

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5 years ago
And some truly unattractive girls...maybe the bloopers were just a way to get out of having to fuck them.
jaded 5 years ago
subtitles would be helpfull.
Oofer 5 years ago
Aparently people dont understand what bloopers are
Damn 4 years ago
You know what, usually, women are pretty hot here in Québec. But for some reason, in the porn industry, they put the ugliest and full of piercing and tattoos. They look like trash. Its unfortunate as there is a lot of gorgeous women here.
5 years ago
Dude: busts, jumps in pool
Amen 3 months ago
Wow no english 5 years ago
1 year ago
who is the woman at 4:25
Russell Snively 2 years ago
12:25 reminds me of when my brother Randy started enjoy feeding time lol. Took him awhile though
Rifle droppers 5 years ago
the french are so fucking annoying