Supremacist BF Caught Cheating GF Pounding BBC - They Smoked All His - BBC Beats Up Bf In BF House Follow WhoIsTheSonOfGod On IG

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Mrsunicorn 3 years ago
See i almost felt bad for him & wanted to suck his lil fat white dick until he said Nigger
4 years ago
this is like faker than James Charles
If a black dude is cheating 11 months ago
He deserves to be called n. Nothing racist about it.
1 year ago
That's what she gets she was a broke bitch and he was a broke bastard its that simple white guy was not at fault simple
Dog... 8 months ago
A real white supremacist wouldnt date a latina, this is pure cap.
That's what... 1 year ago
That's what that stupid white fuck gets, I'd fuck his girl too
4 years ago
Pounding that
Truth 1 year ago
This is what’s gonna happen to all the men & their GFs who don’t like Black people.
1 year ago
yep just about to feel sorry for mini me until you author that word
1 year ago
Smoked his weed