StepDad Has Sex With Tiny Human Asian Doll After Buying For For Birthday

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4 years ago
I don’t know, I think that might just be a person being super still
4 years ago
That had to be the easiest job for her. Didn’t have to fake being into it
Smart Guy 3 years ago
We've got some real geniuses in these comments.
ComedyAndPorn 4 years ago
Wife: *gets a divorce and takes the kids*

White dad with sandals:
Anonymous 4 years ago
Ofc it's fake she literally blinks
3 years ago
There just what every child wants for their birthday, a used doll full of kids
Captain obvious 3 years ago
I feel like the people who are stating the obvious that she isn’t a doll, are the ones who believe the brother and sister pornos are real
Prince 4 years ago
Wow lucky dad
John 3 years ago
What's here name?
4 years ago
At least he will have another daughter because its fake