First i got Fucked in the Morning on 6 july 2019

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Bitch ass hoe 4 years ago
I would’ve still been asleep cause I wouldn’t have been able to feel anything
Wot 4 years ago
It's so small
Jeremy 4 years ago
At least your Dad is a Rapper
Noo 3 years ago
The word “rape” is a boner killer
3 years ago
I took my dad's big cock for years. I learned to love it and actually needed it. He didn't take it easy on me, fucked me long and hard, night after night. Now my husband has me fuck his dad too
Black Rod 4 years ago
White are different when it comes to rape.
4 years ago
This guy is gross, he treats his woman like a toilet.
3 years ago
Loser ass. Give your lady some pleasure too or gtfo.
Bbydaddy 4 years ago
Wtf did I cum
drew p. wiener 4 years ago
“i started to record it” bro you didn’t even put down the camera lmfao,, your weird dad riff raff lookin ass did the fuck