I caught my boss and my girlfriend cheating on me, I used a spycam

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Reeserouse1 3 years ago
I would have to use every ounce of my will power not to fuck them up. Straight low life bitch. He should put them on blast. And the 1st person I would tell is his wife or s. o. If you feel you need she feels she needs to f**k around on your s. o. F*****g leave.! Unless he cheated.
Thekingoflords 3 years ago
She's not even that hot she's like a 6.7 in hotness. But anyways there's a lot of women out there that would do that. would cheat on you if you don't give them what they want unless you and your woman have an agreement on sex or no sex.

But you really have to have an agreement with each other trust me I know I was cheated on twice.
Wolfgang 1 year ago
Damn u white guys go though hell with white woman they cheat on you in the most nasty way fuck u brother boss uncle dad mom any one they can get they hands on dang
Johnny 3 years ago
You cheating bitch I would never give that fish tank scum sucking whore the time of day fuck her she is ugly any ways
Cuebert8 1 year ago
It's always the man's fault when the woman's teeth when the man cheats with the woman is always a woman's fault and the man's fault It's a difference is is that if you're not giving it up they're going to go get it from somebody else and hey ask the boss for a pay raise if he doesn't show the movie
Johnny 3 years ago
think of the people out there who got moms and dads who paid for them all there lifes and call them sons and daughters and there not even there blood kids because the mom was a fucking whore she feels sry for her self all her life and ends up eating pills in the end seen it in real life it starts way back when there young the lies they get away with every thing it just becomes there future with there love life and on and on they need to be in control of every thing and every one around them