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Stacy 2 years ago
Don’t think I can take that bbc. But I’m willing to try with 2 guys
abcd 3 years ago
horrible camera work bad angling
3 years ago
I wanna fuck like this
I wanna a bbc in my ass
Jessica 2 years ago
She really looks terrified. I know hoes like her make it hard for gals like me. A guy see this video thinks all white gals like anal and take huge cocks in their pussy = NOT. When I'm old I want to be able to control my shitting / bowel movements. Definitely don't want to be fisted to be satisfied. Love thick black lips sucking my pussy until I cream.
2 years ago
I like anal fucking... don’t care if man or woman. Ass is ass
Dredd is an Artist 2 years ago
I’m glad he let loose with the damage once he got that big long dick all cued up in her asshole. You could tell she was never buttfucked like that before, and that white ass is changed forever now. Her husband is officially useless to her. Dredd resized her ass like a true Master.
Loved you on 4s with red thong 2 months ago
As my gf said, a cock like that can not be wasted, and same thought my friend Maribel that was as a crazy for being fucked by two huge cocks
7 months ago
Luckiest dick sucker ever
8 months ago
She looked like she was not enjoying that specially with that crying laugh.
8 months ago
Beat that white sluts arsehole