Couple masturbate together

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Wow 3 years ago
For the first time in my life I can honestly say that my dick is bigger lol.

Feels ok I guess
Hello 2 years ago
You all making jokes about his size but his girl is obviously happy with him, that's all that matters really you judgemental fucks.
Clarissa 3 years ago
She has such a nice pussy and she’s so eager to cum. Why is he struggling to keep hard with that view? I do this with my boyfriend at times and it’s hard for him to not drag me over and fuck the sense out of me. When I cum, he’s finally allowed to fuck me, although sometimes he finishes all over my puffy pink swollen lips.
jippy 3 years ago
enjoy masturbating together
Zonestar 3 years ago
He can't get hard
Ddddd 3 years ago
His d is too small
Eduardo 3 years ago
This is hot she has a nice body and a nice snatch.
Ramdog 3 years ago
For the naysayers.....not everyone is endowed with a big dick. But for the short dicks that know how to satisfy a woman.....Kudo's to you brothers. And that's his girl.
this was 3 years ago
strange to watch
3 years ago
Is it in yet ?